Corruption in government entails high cost of development,undermines revenue generation capacity,discourages foreign investments,distorts confidence between the government and the governed,and discourages creativity and communality.It is antithetical to national development.No society can attain its full-blown potential if it groans under corruption.
  It is appalling,the extent to which corrupt officers go,in entrenching corruption in the constitution of the country.Corruption has become a way of life,and the society has become the worst for it.The society has been criminalized simply because it has pervaded the mind-set of the people,and the domino effect has become a stinker!
  The fight against corruption cannot be effective except there is the political will by the people and government to wage the war.Political leaders must resolve to liberate their people from the fangs of corruption.They should maintain the dignity of their offices and follow the due process in the course of carrying out their official duties.They should not denounce a process,simply because its outcome did not accord with their preferences. 


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