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(i)Time is your most limited and valuable resource.Don’t waste it;(j)allow yourself a 10% risk of being wrong,a 50% likelihood of betrayal,and a 100% commitment to trust God.And so,go forward and survive it all.Goodluck! Advertisements

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(H).Make sure your expectations do not exceed your your potential,and your resources.Be realistic.If you can’t count,don’t apply for a job in the finance office.If you can’t sing,don’t cut an album.Focus on what God gifted to you.That’s how you’ll succeed

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Choose your battles carefully.Simply stated:some things are not worth fighting for.(f)take time to get all the facts;conjecture leads to crisis;(g)consider the consequences of each action.Ask yourself,’Am i ready to handle this right now?’;

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Surround yourself with sharp people and draw on their gifts,without being intimidated by their expertise;Take the time to consider all options.What looks good to you today,may not look so good tomorrow.You can’t fight successfully on every front.

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Be wise;let these principles guide you:(a)Never make permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances.If you do,you’ll regret it;(b)Don’t let your emotions blind you to reason.Pray,weigh things carefully and base your decisions on mature judgement;

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If you are still making the same mistakes at fifty that you were at twenty,you need to ask God for wisdom.What you are in the present,was determined by the decisions you made in the past.If you want to change your … Continue reading

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The global system collapse.

Presently,the system we are living in,is paralysed,confused and corrupted.Individually and collectively,we are like a dead tissue.We need a transplant for rejuvenation and for reactivation of our sensitivity and sense of outrage.Without such rejuvenation through leadership,ichange of attitude,and moral re-armament,we will … Continue reading

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