#OccupyNigeria,#EvacuateCorruption-Those bloody politicians.They cajole themselves thinking they are deceiving the masses.They appear like political enemies in broad day-light,but in the night they turn to political conspirators. They belong to that peculiar political category of “frenemy.” They are “free enemies” for as long as they belong to the other side of the political equation.They are not bona fide political enemies,but they are not bona fide political partners either.They fraternize,they trade political insults,they flirt politically,they conduct mil-to-mil relations,like the way it was in (Animal Kingdom-Charles Dickens),and they complain bitterly about each other’s political programme. As it turns out always,they appear good if and when they find themselves at the other side of the political equation.There is little or no difference between them.They are wasteful,extravagant and dissolute.They can’t live with each other,they can’t live without each other.

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  1. jakesprinter says:

    Thanks for shatring those words , you have a point 🙂

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