Political Nigeria And The Armies of Our Lord.

“There was that period of our national life, that the armies of the living God had defended our great country, Nigeria and had taken the offensive against economic saboteurs and the never-do-wells, but by one of those fatalities in war which disconcert the plans of the greatest generals, the enemies had not only taken the offensive, they’d also gained an in-road and an upper-hand, and the catastrophic effect is the emergence of those political foofaraws and foofooraws that has now impacted negatively on good governance. 2015 is nigh, the armies of our dear Lord, the brave ones, the undying ones, the impregnable and indefatigable armies of our Lord, ‘THE POOR MASSES’ of this great country called Nigeria, take your rightful positions and reclaim Nigeria.
Take back your patriotic sword and bear it in defence of nation building, greater political solidity and resource-control, economic empowerment, equal opportunities, justice, peace and progress. With all your powers, your perseverance and dominations of the past struggles, i wish to remember your invincible loyalty to your fatherland, for these assure me of the steadfastness of the fealty you swore to the Lord!” – Tajudeen Bakare


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