Political Hypocrisy In Nigeria (II)

Even those that used public funds to buy private jets and build stupendous personal fortunes still had the effrontery to ask us to continue praying to God for the remission of our sins,when actually,they were and still remain the devils lurking behind national disintegration and stark impoverishment of the Nigerian people.A vast majority of our lands remains untouched while the political landscape remains fertile with corruption but infantile to the socio-political development of this country.
In light of the state-sponsored terrorism,politically-engineered militancy,religiously-inclined abuse and politically-magnifying heists,it appears,infact clearer now,that it is not the politically-bamboozled nor the religiously-deceived people of Nigeria who need to turn to God; it is the religiously-cockeyed,politically-cryptic and cocksucked pseudo-nationalistic elites who need to make a comprehensiveatonement for their sins.


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