Democracy in Nigeria

Democracy in Nigeria has now become a bacchanal of nonsense.Nigerian rulers have turned themselves to loose-cannons.Expecting dividends in our democratic exchange is like going to a catfish market.You know catfish stays on the bottom and they occassionally swims to the surface.Nigerian rulers isolate themselves from the public,but highly-versatile when it comes to looting the treasuries.Corruption in Nigeria has reached the tippity top of political governance.The major points of political contention are like “volcanoes,calm but very deadly when it explodes!”
“A hen with chicks does not perch on a high branch of a tree!” Unfortunately,that’s a misnomer in the Nigerian context.Nigerian rulers stay in their well-fortified environment while the people continue to be pummelled ceaselessly in their purlieus.They connive with militant groups and armed insurgents to purloin Nigeria’s wealth.They are “THE THIEVES OF NIGERIA!!!!”


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