Political Disenchantment In Nigeria

#OccupyNigeria,#EvacuateCorruption-Our rulers should take note of what is currently happening in the country.They should be reminded in clear terms that the depressed,distressed and suppressed Nigerians will rise up against them,if they continue to in their quest to take the entire nation for a ride. In the present political dispensation,i believe that their actions on many national issues amount to nothing short of class suicide.What we have are opportunistic politicians rather than custodians of democratic culture and values. I appeal to the present clique of political rulers to do away with Corruption,and mind their political business of rendering sound and effective political services to the populace.Nigerians have been yearning for dividends of democracy,and it is high time they got them. Should they refuse to perform,the embers of destruction which they are fanning shall consume them first,Amen. Nigerians are watching!

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