Nigeria and Corruption

#OccupyNigeria,#EvacuateCorruption-You only give what you have.The political class has no democracy.What they have is Corruption.What they have is Sectarian crisis.The carnage has begun,and we must arrest it before it gets out of proportions. We must eradicate Corruption,do away with social injustices,and replace them with justice,and equal rights for all,aim straight for the cause of our political misfortunes,and not its surroundings.The longer it takes to clean the stables,the nastier the process becomes.It,therefore,suffices to make hay while the sun shines.We must not allow corrupt politicians to hold the country hostage for life. I appeal to our individual conscience,i evoke the spirits of our great nationalists,and i appeal to our sense of patriotism,if you love Nigeria,do not destroy her democratic structure and institutions.We ought to remember to leave something,even if derelict,for future Nigerians,to show that we were here.

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