On Nigeria’s Democracy

Nigeria’s Democracy Under Assault? ________________________________________ Our rulers should stop complaining about their lack of economic levers.Our politicians need to recognize the importance of the supply side powers they do possess,and equally,share the national cake.They should leave decision-making for those that are qualified and competent to carry out the decision-making process,effectively.These are the bureaucrats,the core public servants,and the technocrats. The true role of politicians lies in the micro,not the macro.They are the ones that are close to the people,and they should be the ones that sensitize the people’s feelings better.Only they can decide on the proper balance between social protections,welfare spending,infrastructure investment,and regulations. It is for the purpose of striking this balance in every facet of our national life that they are being paid large sums of money in the name of Constituency Allowance;not to keep in their personal accounts.If not for their greediness,unreasonableness and political self-centredness,we would have gone far,developmentally. It is the responsibility of our rulers to ensure that the economy is competitive,productive,and not vulnerable to financial shocks,via excessive debts,budget deficits,or balance of payment crisis. Rather than playing out their primary roles of governing effectively,these politicians crissed-crossed into a devilish mission of emptying the treasury and pummelling the people into political and economic submission.Rather than doing good for the people,they prefer to choose the road that leads to chaos,and turn our democracy into one in which no Nigerian will ever trust the promises of politicians again.

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