Society and the evils of abortion.

A society which suppresses sex as evil and which is so aberrated that any member of it will attempt an abortion is a society which is dooming itself to ever~rising insanity.For it is a scientific fact that abortion attempts are the most important factor in aberration.The child on whom the abortion is attempted is condemned to live with murderers whom he reactively knows to be murderers through all his weak and helpless youth! He forms unreasonable attachments to grandparents,has terrified reactions to all punishments,grows ill easily and suffers long.And there is no such thing as a guaranteed way to abort a child.Once the child is conceived,no matter how “shameful” the circumstances,no matter the mores,no matter the income,that man or woman who would attempt an abortion on an unborn child is attempting a murder which will seldom succeed and is laying the foundation of a childhood of illness and heartache.Anyone attempting an abortion is committing an act against the whole society and the future;any judge or doctor recommending an abortion should be instantly deprived of position and practice,whatever his “reason.”


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