Conclusion~Society and the evil of abortion.

If a person knows he has commited this crime against a child who has been born,he should do all possible to have that child “cleared” as soon as possible,after the age of eight and in the meantime should treat that child with all the decency and courtesy possible,otherwise he may send that child to an institution for the insane.
The case of the child who is not yet born but upon whom abortion has been attempted,is not hopeless.If he is treated with decency after he is born and if he is not restimulated by witnessing quarrels,he will wax and grow fat until he is eight and can be cleared,at which time he will probably be much startled to learn the truth.But that startlement and any antagonism included in it will vanish with the finishing of the clear,and his love of his parents will be greater than before.
All these things are scientific facts,tested and rechecked and tested again.And with them can be produced a clear on whom our racial future depends.


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